A Few Reasons on Why I Choose Public Health

6 Aug 2015

In this beloved country of ours, public health seemed to be underestimated by its people. A few of us was narrow-minded and others just simply don’t care. We can’t blame the society for this, since the society had done numerous publications about public health. In our minds, public health is the kinds of things that the government should do in order to make the health of Indonesians become well. We didn’t recognize that public health itself contains the word PUBLIC which according to the thesaurus means the people constituting a community, state, or nation. Now that we’ve recognize it, we also should realize that public health, according to wikipedia, meansthe science and art of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through organized efforts and informed choices of society, organizations, public and private, communities and individuals or, in my words, the science of health care through society’s various attempts of prevention, promotion, and other types of publication.

Public health is important. Without public health, the majority of people would have probably died because of the germs on our hands since we don’t wash our hands before we eat. Maybe it seemed simple, but truthfully it’s very complicated. This kind of knowledge might be known by the people but only a few people act upon it. We need to remind people again about the importance of public health through its different kinds of aspects.

In University of Indonesia, the Faculty of Public Health is divided into four fields of majors: Public Health, Nutrition Science, Environmental Health, and Occupational Health and Safety. I picked Occupational Health and Safety because I worry on Indonesia’s occupational safety condition. Majority of field workers didn’t notice the safe cautions or use the right outfit to work. When we remind them about it, only some people become aware and comply on the safety rules. Others would say that it’s not very important or they are used to how they are right now so it will be a burden to change the habit.

Concisely, public health is important and that’s the main reason why I choose Public Health as my field of study. The low awareness that is happening in Indonesia makes my heart break and that’s why we need to step up on this case and deal it with our own hands. Thanks to this assignment that my faculty told me to do, I can share my thoughts and feelings on public health to the world. We need to expand the people’s mind while at the same time increase our quality of health services to the crowd. We don’t want people to think of us only as Puskesmas workers or nutritionists, right? Don’t let the people simplify us. We are a vast knowledge of health. We will improve our qualities and make the best of it. Let’s grant Betrand Piccard’s wish to the world:

“Pioneering spirit should continue, not to conquer the planet or space … but rather to improve the quality of life.”

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